Rhema Ventures is a privately held group of companies based in Nairobi Kenya, with interest on diverse fields of business such as, sales and distribution, e-commerce, Logistics and warehousing. Rhema ventures as created a reputation of converting social challenges into social empowering businesses in a sustainable matter.

One of the portfolio within this entity, Rhema Enterprises was our first business which was started by our chairman in the year 2005 as an informal business and specifically “hawking”. He did that business with a lot of struggles, but due to his resilience and dedication he was able to scale it from a street business to what it is today. In the year 2013 he registered it and incorporated as a LLC in 2020. This probably is the reason why he is so passionate in empowering the small enterprises as he can related with most of their challenge.

In Africa majority of Smes are informal businesses that have limited access to capital, raw material/inventory, market and training, and that is where Rhema Ventures comes in. We create a platforms that allows this type of businesses develop and grow with less struggle.

OUR VISION is create holistic, dynamic and digitally driven platforms that will enable people in African business eco-system to realize the full benefits of their natural resources.